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         Lesson One Greeting
            第一课  打招呼

Part one   New Words新单词

take 带走  just 仅仅   time 时间  name 名字     card 卡片  again 再,又  welcome 欢迎  

help帮助   like喜欢,想   seat座位        coffee咖啡 tea 茶 sure确信 can(may) 能,可以

Part two  Useful Expressions实用表达

1. Glad to meet you. 很高兴见到你。

2. Please step(come) in and have a look. 请进来看一看。

3. Here you are. 给你。

4. Take your time. 随便看(慢慢看)。

5. May I have a seat? 我能坐下吗?

6. Take a seat please. 请坐。

7. Can I help you? 需要帮忙吗?

8. Would you like some coffee or tea? 你想要咖啡还是茶?

9. It's my pleasure. 不客气。

10. Welcome again(your next coming)! 


 Lesson Two  Introduction [intr'dkn]  
              第二课  产品介绍

Part one  Words(单词)

color ['kl]   颜色   

sample ['smpl]样品           

come out [km aut] 推出

popular ['ppjul] 流行的 

anything ['eni,θi] 任何事 

else [els]  其他的                

also [':lsu] 也


Part two  Sentences(句子)

A:How many colors do you have?


B:Many. This is our new sample. 


A:When did it come out?  什么时候出的?

B:3 days ago. This is the most popular one.


A:Anything else?  还有其他的吗?

B:How about this one? It’s also popular.


  Lesson Three Introduction [intr'dkn] 
            第三课   介绍

Part one  New Words  新单词

sample ['smpl] 样品 

material [m'tiril] 材料       

quality ['kwlti] 质量

market ['mɑ:kit] 市场 

durable ['djurbl] 耐用的   

popular ['ppjul] 流行的

compare [km'pε] 比较   

this way please 这边请    

newest [nu:ist] 最新的

Part two   Sentences  句子

1、The material is very durable.


2、You can compare them.


3、Here is our sample room, this way please.


4、Let me introduce our newest style to you.


Part three   Dialogue  对话

A:Hello. What would you like ?


B:I’d like some gloves. Can you show me your newest samples ?


A:OK, no problem.  好的,没问题。

B:Thank you.  谢谢。

A:Here you are. These are the most popular styles in the market this year.    


B:What’s the material ?   什么材料的?

A:It’s woolen ['wuln] .  羊毛的。

B:How about the quality ?   质量怎么样?

A:Don’t worry about the quality. It’s very high.

   Lesson Four Bargaining ['bɑ:ɡini] 
           第四课  讨价还价

Part one  New Words  新单词

bargain ['bɑ:ɡin] 讨价还价  

wholesale ['hulseil] 批发       

retail ['ri:teil] 零售

cost [kst] 成本     

lowest ['luist] 最低的        

almost [':lmust] 几乎      

already [:l'redi] 已经     
piece [pi:s] 件        

satisfied ['stisfaid] 满意的       

acceptable [k'septbl] 可以接受的

Part two Sentences  句子

1、It’s almost our cost price.     


2、It can’t be cheaper.     


3、Are you satisfied with the price ?    


Part three   Dialogue  对话

A:How much is it ?   这个多少钱?

B:Wholesale or retail ?   批发还是零售?

A:The wholesale price.   批发价格。

B:It’s 9.5 RMB.   九块五。

A:It’s too much. Can it be cheaper ?  


B:How many would you like ? The more the cheaper. 你想要多少?越多越便宜。

A:If the price is acceptable, I’d like to order 5,000 pieces.     


B:OK. The lowest price is 9 RMB. It’s already our cost price.     


A:All right. I’ll take it.    


           Lesson Five Order 
             第五课  订单

Part one  New Words  新单词

order ['d] 订单 定货     

minimum ['mnmm] 最低的    

size [saz]  尺寸

quantity ['kwntt] 数量        

dollar ['dl] 美元                     

large [lɑd]   大号  

medium ['midm] 中号     

problem ['prblm] 问题          

thousand ['θaznd]千 

hundred ['hndrd] 百            

red [red] 红色                         

green [grin] 绿色  

blue [blu] 蓝色                  

white [wat] 白色                    

purple ['ppl] 紫色 


Part two  Dialogue  对话

  A: What's your minimum quantity?   


  B: It's 10 thousand.  一万。

  A: How many colors?  颜色有多少个呢?

  B: Four. Red, white, purple, and green.  


  A: I'd like 50 thousand. Cheaper please?  


  B: Ok. The last price is 15 dollars.  

     好的。最低价是15 美元。

  A: Well. How many sizes do you have?  


  B: 3. Large , small and medium.  


  A: I see. I'd like medium .  


  B: No problem.  



         Lesson Six   Quality 
             第六课  质量


Part  one  New  Words(新单词)

quality ['kwliti]  质量     

satisfy ['stisfai] 满意   

guarantee [,grn'ti:] 保证

material [m'tiril]   材料   

price[prais]  价格     

durable ['djurbl] 结实的

Part  two  Sentences(句子)

A: How about the quality? 质量如何?

B: I can guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality. 


A: Really? 真的?

B: Sure. The material is pretty good.  


A: Good. Anything else?  还有吗?

B: They are durable. 它们还很结实,很耐用。

     Lesson Seven   Packing (1)
          第七课  包装(1)


Part one  New Words(单词)

pack  [pk]包装   dozen ['dzn]打     

inner ['in]内部的  outer [ aut ]外部的

save  [seiv]节省   cost  [kst]成本   


according to['k:di tu:] 根据      

Part Two  Sentences(句子)

A:How do you pack the goods?  

B:We use OPP bag for inner packing.And use carton for outer packing.


A:1 piece in 1 OPP bag, 12 OPP bags in a dozen,20dozens in 1 carton.  

B:This packing can save the shipping cost.   

A:Of course! We can also pack the goods according to your needs.   

      Lesson Eight  Packing(2)
           第八课  包装(2)


Part One  Words(单词)

line  with  [lain] 用…做衬里      

foam[fum] 塑料泡沫        

reinforce[,ri:n'f:s] 加

strap[strp] 带 dimension [di'menn]  规格         container[kn'tein]集装箱   

regular['regjul]  规范的  

Part Two  Sentences(句子)

 A:Can you line the cartons with foam?  


 B:Sure. And we’ll reinforce the cartons with packing.straps.This packing is strong and easy to 


 A:What about the dimension? 


 B: The dimensions are 60*40*50CM.  

     规格为长60, 宽40, 高50厘米。

 A: And what’s the CBM?  那体积呢?

 B: The CBM is 0.12CBM. 400 cartons in one 40 feet container.

       Lesson Nine   Payment(1)
            第九课  付款(1)

Part One  Words(单词)

terms of payment[t:mz v'peimnt]付款方式    cash [k]   现金    
enough [i'nf]足够的         

first[f:st] 首先  

rest [rest] 余下的      
check [tek]清点  

account number ['kaunt 'nmb] 账号      

transfer [ trnsf: ] 汇款

Part Two  Sentences(句子)

A:What are your terms of payment?


B: You’d better pay cash. 你得付现金。

A: But I prefer T/T.  


B: You can T/T 30% deposit first. And you have to pay the rest within 2 weeks after

   delivering.  你先电汇30%定金。发货后两星期内再付余款。

A: Good. Can I have your account number?


B: Here is my business card, our ABC account No. is on it. And please transfer the money to my account on time.  

       Lesson Ten  Payment(2)
          第十课 付款(2)


Part One  New Words  新单词

cash on delivery[k] [n] [di'livri] 货到付款      discount['diskaunt] 折扣     

accept[k'sept] 接受  

within[wi'in]  在……之内  
full payment[ful] ['peimnt] 全额款项        after ['ɑ:ft] 在……之后        

depend on [di'pend][n]  取决于        

Part Two  Dialogues  对话

A: When can you deliver the goods?   


B: That depends on when you pay the goods? We accept cash on delivery.


A:Really?! 真的吗?!

B: Yes! You will get 5% discount if you pay the goods within one week after you receive them.   

A: That’s fantastic. 这太棒了!

B:And the full payment should be made within one month.    


A: No problem. Let’s make order now.    








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